Past Happenings

Miami Might 2017 Nov. 4th 2017

4 years running strong and the 2nd for The Miami Barbell Club,Inc. to be a part of it! Miami Might, Inc. was established to call on those of us with disabilities, adaptabilities and challenges alike by means of coming together and throwing some weight around. Their annual fundraiser event, obviously named 'Miami Might' is posed to advocate for our inner, true strengths and show them, alongside like-hearted individuals. They do this to raise awareness of ones courage and support to initiate projects within our community; including but not limited to special needs, veterans, and others here or "across the pond" that could use a leg up. If you haven't done so FOLLOW them on IG @miamimight OR Twitter @miamimight as we cannot weight for more action!

Miami's 2nd Annual Strongman Competition April 1st 2017

 Second annual sanctioned strongman competition  held in Miami, FL  continues  its course as Miami's Strongest Competition and the home of true feats of strength. Lifters progress through 5 arduous  implements for time, reps and distance in search of that final resting place in the Valhalla of strongman . Yokes, Axel Deadlifts, logs and Atlas Stones will be lifted, carried, and moved at the ultimate human limit in a way only a TRUE strongman Competition can deliver. Who will be the baddest when the dust, sweat, blood and tears settle?  

IG; @thebattleaxegym

Miami's ONLY Strongman Gym

The Battle Axe Gym is an invitation gym only. Seeking out those who are ambitious, disciplined and motivated to chase strength in all its forms. Finding its home in Miami, FL, The Battle Axe remains a gym ever evolving in the face of a growing population of iron hungry lifters. With a strong emphasis on Mental Strength, a no Bull Shit attitude and team work, the Battle Axe seeks its place amongst the historic gyms as a rusty, mean and dirty gym of Strongman, Power Lifters and those dedicated to the iron game.  

IG: @thebattleaxegym

MBC Take Overs

Every month we seek to colonize a location with our swells. To the beach, local park or unsuspecting gym, we seek to build our community and push our motivation to come together.